The central event of the RURALIA association are the conferences held every two years in one of the participating countries. The first of these, RURALIA I , was held in Prague (Czech Republic) in 1995, and aimed at achieving a balanced overview of the position and tradition of rural archaeology in participating nations.

RURALIA II, held in 1997 in Spa (Belgium), examined the social and economic aspects of medieval rural settlement.

RURALIA III, held in 1999 in Maynooth (Republic of Ireland) concentrated on the problems of nucleated and dispersed rural settlement.

RURALIA IV took place at Bederkesa (east of Bremerhaven, Germany) on September 8th-15th, 2001. Its theme was “The peasant house. From the Migration Period to the oldest buildings still standing / La maison paysanne. De l´époque des migrations aux exemples les plus anciens conservés”.

RURALIA V took place in 2003 in Lyons (France), and its theme was “The use of water in the rural environment during the Middle Ages / Usages de l´eau en milieu rural au Moyen Age”.

RURALIA VI was held at Szentendre, Dobogókö (Hungary)’ September 22nd-29th, 2005. Its theme was “Arts and Crafts in Medieval Rural Environment / L´artisanat rural dans le monde medieval”.

RURALIA VII took place in Cardiff (Wales, U.K.), September 1st-7th, 2007. The theme was “Medieval rural settlement in marginal landscapes / Peuplement rural dans les territoires marginaux au Moyen Âge”.

RURALIA VIII took place in Lorca (prov. Murcia, Spain), September 7th-12th 2009.
Theme: “Processing, Storage, Distribution of Food – Food in Medieval Rural Environment”
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RURALIA IX took place in Götzis , Vorarlberg, Austria, September 26th – October 2nd 2011.
Theme: “Hierarchies in rural settlements”

RURALIA X took place in Smolenice Castle (Slovakia), September 9th-15th 2013.
Theme: “Agrarian technology in the medieval landscape / Agrartechnologien / Technologies agraires”

RURALIA XI was held in Clervaux (Luxembourg), 08.-13.09. 2015
Theme: “Religion, cults and rituals in the medieval rural environment / Religion, Kult und Rituale in der mittelalterlichen bäuerlichen Umgebung / Religion, cultes et rituels en milieu rural médiéval”

RURALIA XII took place in Kilkenny (Ireland), 11.-17.09. 2017
Theme: “Transitions and Transformation in the Medieval and Early Modern Countryside / Wandel und Transformation im mittelalterlichen und frühneuzeitlichen ländlichen Raum / Transitions et Transformations des Campagnes Médiévales et Modernes”

RURALIA XIII took place in Stirling (Scotland), 9. 9. – 15. 9. 2019
Theme: “Seasonal Settlement in the Medieval and Early Modern Countryside”

The proceedings of the individual conferences are published as the volume  RURALIA.